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Sahaj Therapy® is a novel and holistic approach that provides a one-stop solution C.A.R.D that takes care of Counselling/ consultation, Autologous Grafting, Rehabilitation to Deformity correction of patients suffering from joint pain.
Sahaj Therapy® helps relieve joints pain by treating the root cause of joint pain and thus helps in joint preservation. It is a unique treatment for knee pain that is based on the human body’s self-healing potential.

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Sahaj Therapy® is indicated for the early grade of joint pain and offers substantial benefits in treating the root cause. In addition, early intervention with the help of this evidence-based technique offers promising results in arresting the progression of the disease.

The current treatment modalities for early joint pain involve conservative treatment (oral painkillers), Oral medication, Steroids etc offer symptomatic relief but does not treat the root cause, of Knee/ joint pain i.e. loss of lubrication or padding damage. On the other hand, joint replacement procedures are indicated for end stage Osteoarthritis or disease (Grade IV). Although joint replacement is considered as a widely accepted treatment option for joint pain due to Arthritis & clinicians consider it as the ultimate solution for joints Pain, evolving trends suggest that more and more young & active population is detected with Osteoarthritis or joint pain.

Early intervention with adipose derived tissue/ cellularfraction-based treatment can repair the damaged tissue, relieve knee or joint pain and restore joint mobility.

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