Why are We Different

Sahaj Therapy® involves a patented technology that utilizes the body’s innate potential to heal using the patient’s own specialized cells. It treats the root cause of Joint pain by preserving the joint anatomy. The innovative process offers safe, effective & convenient treatment for Knee or joint pain.

SVF technology
Autologous Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fractions

Our Science

Sahaj Therapy® activates the body’s capability to heal by itself deploying patients’ own tissue/ cellular fraction obtained from the patient’s own body through a minimal manipulation of autologous adipose tissue/ cellular fraction, performed in the same surgical sitting.

Sahaj Therapy® utilizes a novel technology to isolate these tissue /cellular fraction from the body in a stringent and aseptic environment without the use of an enzyme, chemical, or cell culture. The potential tissue/ cellular fraction is safely deployed at the target site under supervision, making it extremely safe for the patients undergoing the treatment of their joint pain management.

Patented Technology

Sahaj Therapy® holds the rights of patented lipoaspiration system for tissue/ cellular fraction technology. This cellular fraction possesses the innate potential to differentiate in different types of cells at the implantation site and help in the tissue's healing, lubrication, and enhancing padding in the affected joint.

Extraction of Fat Tissue

Extraction of Fat Tissue

300-400 ml of fat is aspirated from abdomen area of patient under local anesthesia

Approx 3mm incision, no stitches required.

40 min procedure

Tissue/ cellular fraction Processing & Analysis

SVF Processing & Analysis

Liposapirate is processed using patented Technology, by tissue dissociation

Liposapirate is processed using patented Technology, in tissue fragmentation there is
No use of Enzyme, chemical or a cell culture

Tissue/ cellular fraction is filtered

Cellular fraction Administration

Autologous grafting for sahaj therapy

Autologous minimally manipulated tissue/ cellular fraction is grafted in the affected joint in the same surgical sitting.

The patient is kept under observation after the therapy for 24 hrs.


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