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Patented SVF Technology
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Patented SVF Technology

SVF Technology

Sahaj Therapy® is based on a patented SVF technology which treats the root cause of Knee Pain due to early Arthritis. The innovative treatment is safe and does not use any chemical, enzyme or a cell culture.

The technique utilizes specilaized cells obtained from patients own body through a minimal manipulation of autologous adipose dervied stromal vascular fraction, performed in same surgical sitting.

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You are worthy of good health. Little do people realize, knee pain occurs to drive your attention towards much severe damage within the joints i.e cartilage damage.

Rooting this belief system, we at Sahaj regenerative are determined to leave no stone unturned in helping you win your struggle with the underlying reasons of your joint pain.

Sahaj Regenerative Cell Therapeutics aims at exploring body’s innate healing potential and transform lives of patients suffering from Knee pain due to Osteoarthritis.
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Dr Wayne Thomas

Dr. Thomas has had over 20 years of experience as a medical scientist. He spent more than a decade on cell research and clinical translation. His research contributions have been recognized by his seminal work in cancer with over 25 journal articles, book chapters, and awards. Dr. Thomas has been a reviewer for both national and international granting bodies and journals.

Dr. Thomas is an Executive Member of the Australian Autologous Cell Therapy (AACT) Consortium that is developing an industry-specific voluntary code of conduct to encourage responsible use of the TGA Exclusion order by clinical, industry, and research member groups.


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Sahaj Therapy® is a comprehensive approach for joint care which includes

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