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Knee Pain Treatment

Sahaj Therapy® is a novel and holistic approach that provides a one-stop solution, i.e., C.A.R.D that takes care of Counselling/ consultation, Autologous Grafting, Rehabilitation to Deformity correction of patients suffering joint pain.

It is based on evidence-based joint/ knee pain management, which treats the root cause of knee/ joint pain by helping in management by providing padding/ lubrication in the joint. This innovative treatment is safe and does not use any chemical, enzyme, or cell culture.

By this technique tissue/ cellular fraction obtained from patients' bodies through a minimal manipulation of autologous adipose tissue performed in the same surgical sitting.

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You are worthy of good health. But, little do people realize, knee or joint pain occurs to drive your attention towards much severe damage within the joints, i.e., loss of lubrication and padding in the joint.

Rooting this belief system, we at Sahaj regenerative are determined to leave no stone unturned in helping you win your struggle with the underlying reasons of your joint pain.

Sahaj Regenerative Cell Therapeutics aims at exploring body’s innate healing potential and transform lives of patients suffering from knee or joint pain.
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Sahaj Therapy® is a comprehensive approach for joint care which includes

A trained physiotherapist and Orthopedic Surgeon do counseling and consultation.

Autologous minimally manipulated tissue/ cellular fraction is grafted in the affected joint in the…

A specialized rehabilitation program is designed to meet the needs of the individual.

Common deformities in the knee such as Varus and Valgus deformity are corrected by

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Sahaj Therapy - A New Revolution for Treatment of Joint Pain

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